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I would be more than happy to help you get the support you need to succeed with your health and fitness goals!

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When it comes to choosing a Beachbody coach, you should find one that meshes well with you and that you know can support you with whatever program or plan you are doing!  So here’s  a small bio to see if I’d be a good fit!

I have dabbled with the original P90, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin’ Body, TurboFire, Body Beast, Core de Force, and PiYo.  But I have completed the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Focus T25 Alpha/Beta/Gamma, Les Mills Combat, and The Masters Hammer & Chisel.  I have tried a majority of the programs we have to offer. I drink Shakeology daily and take Activit vitamins.  I don’t have any children, but hope to try soon (it’s why I’m on this journey!).  I have been married for almost 5 years, a full-time educator in high school, and completed my third half marathon recently.  I don’t follow any specific nutrition program, but I keep the portion fix program in the back of my head when planning meals.  I’d say I use those guidelines about 80%.  I am currently training for my first marathon!  I check in with my challengers as often as possible and run challenge/accountability groups every month!  I love to help people, regardless of where they got their programs or what fitness/nutrition plan they are following.  I need the motivation just as much as those I coach do 🙂

You can sign up for a Team Beachbody account with ME as your FREE coach here!

 If you are currently assigned to another coach you are no longer working with, were given a free coach when you signed up and they have not contacted you, and/or think I would be a good fit, you can switch to me as a coach through Customer Service!  Just visit this LINK, enter my name (Cathi McMaster), email ( and coach ID (360112) and you should be good to go!  Be sure to drop me an email to let me know we’re now connected 🙂

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = SUCCESS!

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