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Fresh Start 2017


I woke up this morning, drank a full glass of water before I even got out of bed, and started my 3 Day Refresh. This will help me kickstart this new year, fresh start.  No new year, new me…I’m still the same person today than I was last night at 11:59 p.m. 😀  But, as 2016 was ending last night, I couldn’t help but find myself reflecting on all of the stuff that happened over the course of the year and there were definitely more positives than negatives.  But it definitely got me thinking about 2017 and the big goals I have set for myself this year!

I plan on posting here as much as possible (aiming for once a day, but I have to be realistic haha)…that’s one of the goals. It was recommended that I blog about everything going on – fitness, health, running, traveling, books, etc.  And I think that’s a great idea! These are all a huge part of my life and I make an effort to focus on as many of them daily as possible! I juggle a lot of things and I think they’re all important. So these goals are going to be very eclectic, but that’s me 😀

I definitely do better with lists, because if they’re written down they HAVE to happen!!…so this year’s goals, in no particular order:

-Post more in this blog/website
-Run at least one race a month
-Get a half marathon PR
-Run a marathon
-Log 2017 miles (running, walking, crawling) in 2017
-Lose 20 pounds
-Read 50 books
-Take a ski trip out west
-Spend more quality time with my husband, without electronics nearby
-Have a game night at least every other month, with friends
-Visit more wineries
-Get more boxes unpacked and things put away in the new house
-Organize the garage
-Go golfing
-Try many new recipes
-See a play on Broadway
-Focus on more personal development
-Complete the Breakthrough Academy

And there are some things that can’t really be considered goals since they are already planned and definitely taking place, but they’re just things I’m really looking forward to doing!!

-Dance-A-Thon featuring Country Heat Live in January
-Snowshoe ski trip with friends in February
-Shamrock Half Marathon with friends in March
-Monument Ave 10k (my fifth time!) in April
-OBX trip with family in April
-Punta Cana trip with Beachbody in April
-The weddings of two close friends in May
-Parents’ 30th anniversary in July
-Summit in New Orleans with my team in July
-Richmond Race in November (half or full…remains to be decided!)

So I encourage you to get out there, add to your bucket list, set some goals, and look forward to all of the things that 2017 can bring!  Whether 2016 was good, bad, or a combination of both, learn from it and move forward.  Keep looking ahead, challenge yourself,  and do what needs to be done to reach all of your goals 😀


The Last Hoorah!


I’m looking for TEN people who want to start the new year feeling AMAZING rather than the other 98% of the world feeling miserable. Wake up on New Year’s Day ready to dominate 2016 instead of making the same old resolution every year that doesn’t happen. The holidays are quickly approaching and while all of the parties and events are amazing, food (and lots of it) typically comes with each of them. Unfortunately many of us will put on extra weight. Like me…last year I definitely put on some pounds (damn pumpkin pie). Thankfully I had the tools and support already to help me jump right back in it and I lost the weight…but it wasn’t easy!

I have decided that THIS year I am going to be prepared. WHO’S WITH ME?! Establishing a healthy nutrition plan before the holidays will help us to be more aware of what and how much we are eating. Plus, losing a few pounds before they arrive will give you a little wiggle room to indulge here and there! tongue emoticon Hey – we are only human after all!

You still have three more months left in this year to rewrite your story. You CAN stick to your goals…TOGETHER we’ll find the best solution to help you work toward starting 2016 feeling the best you ever have. Can’t wait to start!! Email me at losingfatwithcat@gmail.com, find me on my Facebook page and shoot me a message, or you can drop some info here: http://goo.gl/forms/DK2lzSt36C.


What’s Your Why?


IMAG2035We all have those days where we get discouraged and feel like we have let ourselves down in some way or another.  When I weighed myself yesterday after a week and a half off from tracking everything I ate/drank and working out consistently, I was extremely disappointed to learn I had gained 4.4 pounds.  Though I wasn’t really surprised, it was still a strange moment for me since I had consistently seen the scale go DOWN since late February.  But I decided to just jump right back in where I had left off and not dwell on the past decisions I had made…only to focus on today, tomorrow, and all the days beyond.

Ended up at the thrift shop today and, while I don’t want to buy many things at the size I’m currently at, found the CUTEST dress in a junior’s size ELEVEN!  When I started this journey I barely squeezed into a 16 and things spilled out in every direction.  I am beyond proud of the progress I’ve made and though I have many people (and Beachbody/Shakeology) to thank for keeping me motivated and on track, I know my own decisions and dedication are what got me here.  People are repeatedly asking me, “What’s your secret?” or “How did you do it?”  Hell, even the cashier at the thrift store asked me how!  Changing my lifestyle, that’s how.  And you can do it, too, but you have to be WILLING.  If I don’t give you any other advice or motivation than this, it’s make sure you have a WHY.  If you don’t have a reason to drive you in the decisions you’re making and the direction you’re going, then GET ONE!  Remind yourself of it every day and don’t give up for anyone, including yourself!

My WHY is to be healthy and fit for my family and future child(ren), so they can hopefully grow up in a healthy environment amidst increasing obesity rates in our country.  Once I finish my second Masters (December, woo!), I plan on dedicating some time to getting nutrition and fitness certifications so I can continue this journey and continue to help others.  Each and every day I know this is truly a lifestyle change and not just a diet/exercise fad or phase.  I’m in it for life!!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success for Life!

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