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One year wrap-up in 905 words ^_^


So today marks one year since I started this weight loss journey and decided to change my lifestyle to a healthier one FOR GOOD.  Though I did my first 21 Day Fix workout on February 24, 2014, I have to backtrack a little bit to when my challenge pack first arrived.  There was one bigger book with a whole lot of colors and lists, and like three little pamphets, plus three dvds, a bunch of containers that seemed so tiny, a shaker cup and this giant bag of Shakeology.  I was very nervous and trepidatious at first, because everything else I had been trying hadn’t worked.  I’d lose some weight then gain it right back the second I looked at chocolate cake or pizza.  It was logical to be skeptical right?  But then I sat down and started calculating.  TWO THOUSAND CALORIES.  The program had me eating five times a day and 2000 calories.  Sheyeah right.  I had literally been shooting for 1200 ever since I could remember…but I decided that I had to give it the three weeks and put my trust in something unknown to see what it could do.

My coach had added me to a private online accountability group and we had to check in, and show pictures of our food, and take sweaty selfies, and share our experiences with each other.  Not only had weight loss and fitness been a pretty individual thing for me up until that point, but a lot of the other challengers didn’t have much to lose and I felt like the token fat chick.  But I quickly learned a lot of things about myself and others in just those three weeks.  The first thing I learned was, just because someone is a size 2 doesn’t mean they are happy with their body.  I was confused why someone so small would want to be doing a diet and exercise program.  I had assumed that everyone did Beachbody programs because they wanted to lose weight.  Little did I know that the nutrition plans that were provided with the programs not only could help someone lose weight, but could assist in maintaining and even GAINING weight!  And the workout programs all have a modifier to make things lower impact, while there’s always some over-zealous person on screen to amp things up a bit, too.  And I was also participating in this group with some ladies that were very comfortable with their size 18 bodies, but just wanted to be healthier wives, moms, lovers, etc.  I quickly learned that everyone is on their own journey, and you should never compare your journey to anyone else’s.  We all have different steps to follow, and even missteps we will take along the way.  We have different reasons and motivation that push us in the directions we go, and temptations that will drive us backward if we let them.

Those little containers weren’t so little after I realized how much food you really could eat when it was fueling your body for optimal nutrition and health.  Long gone were the days of starving myself on purpose, eating 1200 calories without taking into account the workout I did for the day, or chain-smoking to keep myself from overeating.  This was a much more advanced way of thinking but strangely simplistic and easy to follow once I got the hang of it.  The workouts kicked my ass, but in all honesty I hadn’t really put forth the effort I needed to start burning fat and raising my metabolism to help me from the inside out.   And 21 days later I was 6 pounds and 9.5 inches smaller and on my way to being healthier, happier, and more confident.  It was then that I made the decision to become a coach because I had found a solution that works and it was like the Fountain of Youth…I just needed to share it with everyone so they could see results, too.

Fast foward to today and here’s a quick recap of my accomplishments over the past 365 days, of which I’m pretty darn proud…

–I completed three dedicated rounds of the 21 Day Fix
–I nailed the 14-week Focus T25 program (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma)
–I dabbled in a TurboFire/PiYo hybrid while training for the half
–Oh yeah…I trained 12 weeks for and completed a half marathon (with no walking)
–I am three days from completing the 60 day Les Mills Combat program
–I am about to start 21 Day Fix Extreme on Monday, March 2nd
–I now coach 133 people and lead a team of 11 coaches
-I have lost 49.1 pounds and 36 inches.
-I went from a size 18 to a size 10; XL to medium.
-I have more confidence, I’m healthier,  I have plenty of energy to complete my tasks, my body is able to handle more than it ever could, and I’m happier.

And my journey is not over yet. No, I didn’t quite make it to fifty pounds before my one year, like I had imagined, but with everything else that I’ve gained (and lost) this year, I could hardly be disappointed in myself.  I’ve worked really hard, but played really hard, too.  I’m not perfect.  I make mistakes.  And I’ll be the first to admit that some of the choices I make still aren’t the healthiest.  But I make it work and I know how to reel it back in and get back on track.  This isn’t just a diet or a 21 day program…it’s a lifestyle.  And I’m never going back.



21 Day Fix, Round 3, Week 1


Finished week one with NO CHEATS!  Got my workout in every day, plus trying to hit at least 7500 steps a day.  Lost 3.8 pounds this week!  Not measuring or doing photos until after the 21 days (the after pictures in my heading are the befores for this round).  Also was finally able to BIND in my yoga fix yesterday! See photo below the food ^_^

Started out this round at 173.3 pounds (up almost 5 since two weeks before the half marathon…took off a week and a half from working out and went out to eat too much!!), and am happy to report that I’m back down to 169.5 after this week. So I’m well on my way back to my goal of 50 pounds of weight loss by Christmas 🙂  A little less than 5 pounds and I’m there 🙂  Here’s some photos of what I got to eat on this “diet” this week (can you tell I like green beans best?!)!  Connect with me on Facebook if you want recipes and more ideas!

burger sweet potato fries
Feta-stuffed burgers w/homemade sweet potato fries and green beans!

Tilapia w/ herbed potatoes and green beans!

Turkey tacos with homemade shells!
turkey dinner
Turkey breast with mashed baby reds and green beans!

Spiced apple-onion pork with saffron couscous and green beans!


And finally, what you’ve been waiting for (maybe?!) – my BIND!


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Yesterday was my last Gamma workout.  So, now I’m done with T25 altogether.  Feels so weird to dedicate so much time to something and now it’s over!

I am including two sets of results.  The first is my overall results which includes the 21 Day Fix as well as T25 Alpha, Beta, and Gamma cycles.  That’s over a course of 19.5 weeks.  The second is my T25 Alpha, Beta, and Gamma results only, over the course of 16 weeks.  Both results include me taking breaks from a workout regimen – one week break between 21 Day Fix and starting T25, and a two week break between Beta and Gamma.

Overall Results – 19.5 weeks – lost 36.5 pounds & 28.5 inches!

Before.After Overall

T25 Alpha, Beta, Gamma Results – 16 weeks – lost 25.9 lbs. & 20.5 in!

Before.After T25 ABG

 Just Gamma!


Starting Monday I’m going to begin my own hybrid schedule of Chalene’s PiYo & TurboFire!  Then in six more weeks, I start my 12 week half marathon training schedule.  Can’t wait to reach all of my goals 🙂

As always, thank you to everyone for your support…and if you’re ready to start your own journey…find me on facebook (facebook.com/bbcatmcmaster), email me (cathijoballard@gmail.com), or follow the links at the top to assign me as your FREE coach!  I’m ready to help you see success and reach all of your goals! ^_^


My challenge to YOU!


Who’s with me?!  Comment below or email catmcmaster@automaticceo.com!!


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